How it all began. 1959 to the present day.

Having finished painting the garden wall, Richard Geiss started to clean the paintbrush in 1958. But as an environmentally-conscious and responsible father, he didn‘t want to just pour the solvent he used to clean the brush down the sink.

In this little everyday moment, a great vision was born: sustainable and resource-efficient processing of dangerous solvents. He recognised the real potential of his idea a few days later, when he noticed at his job as an industrial mechanic that a large quantity of solvent was being wasted by ineffective use. As a man of action, Richard Geiss threw himself straight into developing a method to solve all of these problems. The Richard Geiss company has now been processing solvents since 1959.

Richard Geiss GmbH experience continual success, and grew to be one of the largest solvent recyclers in Europe. Thanks to its high standards, it is a highly sought-after producer and supplier of high-quality solvents. With a current total capacity of 50,000 tons, the Geiss distillation systems set the standards for the entire branch.

1959 Company founded in Anzing, near Munich
1962 Disposal of distillation residues from textile cleaning facilities
1967 Relocation of the company headquarters to Offingen. Processing of almost exclusively halogen-containing solvents (such as perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene, methylene chloride)
1979 Commissioning of a rotary kiln for the thermal exploitation of Per-free distillation residues from textile cleaning

Increase in purity for perchloroethylene to at least 99.9% (high purity) according to DIN 53978

Construction and commissioning of a solvent transshipment hall with a CHC-tight floor

ab 1991 Product development and expansion for the parts cleaning and degreasing
1996 Expansion of processing capacity for halogen-free organic solvents predominantly originating from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
2009 Richard Geiss GmbH is entering the year of its 50th anniversary

Commissioning of pilot plant

Expansion of laboratory

2013 Commissioning of tank-container depot and substitute burner
2016 Expansion of the business division toll degreasing: New building 800 sqm hall, Commissioning new parts cleaning machine made by Pero