Quality & safety

Safety systems

  • Several exhaust air treatment systems (exhaust air determined based on the type of solvent, chlorinated or non-chlorinated)
  • Base protection with oil pans using the Fresco 1 system (company: Quinting)
  • Secure area with video surveillance and fencing
  • 24-hour central manned control room
  • Own fire protection centre with 7,000 litres of foaming agent and up to 250 m³ / h extinguishing water
  • Extinguishing trailer with 2,000-litre foaming agent/water gun
  • Additional cooling of sections of the tanker storage through


Certificates and authorisations

  • QM 9001
  • UM 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • EfB (Specialised Waste Management Company)
  • SQAS
  • Approval to manufacture brandy and energy products using the company‘s own tax warehouse
  • Approval for self-denaturing


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