Sustainability and Responsibility

Solvents are finite resources which often have to be disposed of as hazardous waste at after they have been used. They are mostly destroyed using waste disposal (e.g. by incineration), which means valuable raw materials are lost, the environment is thereby burdened.

The company goal at Richard Geiss GmbH is to recycle these resources and to return solvents from waste materials back to their original market in highest quality using professional processing techniques. The solvent is fed into a continuous cycle, so it remains on the market.

By saving finite resources, using a Geiss distillate makes an important contribution to the protection of the environment and the reduction in energy costs while at the same time decreasing the occurrence of problem waste. In this way, the family company contributes significantly to the decrease in CO2 emissions.

This is sustainability, which really deserves its name and is important not only for our environment but also for economic and social reasons.

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