Vehicle fleet

In addition to the use and processing of solvents, as part of the full service and the aim to create a complete cycle, Richard Geiss GmbH can also offer you qualified transportation.

The company has a highly modern fleet. The tank trailers have pumps, overfilling security, gas displacement and a multi-chamber system with four chambers in order to offer the highest level of security possible with a tank volume of up to 34,000 litres. Furthermore, the company specialises in tank-container logistics. Its offerings include containers with capacities of 24 m³, 26 m³ and 30 m³, as well as special vehicles with built-in pumps for filling and emptying tank containers. In order to protect against the danger of explosion, all tankers can be inerted using nitrogen. All box vehicles in the fleet have safety oil pans and tail lifts. The Richard Geiss GmbH logistics team is on hand with advice if you need it. Highly qualified drivers who have been trained in the latest ADR regulations and have a personal signature card in accordance with eANV ensure safety when exchanging solvents across Europe.