For textile cleaning

Solvents for textile cleaning


  • GEISS PER TEX (stabilised for textile cleaning use)

Hydrocarbon solvents

  • GEISS ISOFIN TEX (flash point >58,5 °C)
  • GEISS ISOFIN RG 63 (hydrocarbon solvent – similar to GEISS ISOFIN TEX but with a higher boiling range and not classified as a hazardous substance)

Silicone solvent

  • GEISS SIL TEX (for textile cleaning use)

Solvent care

  • Test kit GEISS PER TEST (determines the alkalinity of GEISS PER TEX)
  • Stabiliser PROSTAB 8 (increases the alkalinity of GEISS PER TEX)

Filter cartridges


  • Safe handling of solvents thanks to double-walled safety containers
  • Emission-free filling and emptying of the containers thanks to complete connection systems
  • Advice on suitable solvents, containers and safe handling

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