Richard Geiss GmbH

Geiss today

Richard Geiss GmbH is a family company based on tradition and responsibility which is now run by the third generation of the founding family, Geiss.

Organic solvents, whether they contain halogen or not, cannot be ignored in modern-day life and are used in the most varied of industries. The resulting waste must be safely transported, disposed of or processed. Richard Geiss GmbH has specialised in the professional processing and return of the resulting highly purified distillates into a functioning circulation system and offers a full service.


Founded: 1959 by Richard Geiss
Employees: ~ 100


  • Taking on waste streams which contain solvents and solvent recovery
  • Sale of highly purified distillates
  • Toll distillation
  • Toll degreasing
  • Support and user advice
  • Safety system for solvents
  • Laboratory service (own laboratory)
  • Logistics (own fleet)
  • Tank storage and tank container management


Total capacity distillation systems

  • 50,000  tons / year


System Technology

  • Rectification columns
  • Thin film Evaporator
  • Agitator bubbles
  • Rotary kiln
  • Agitator tanks
  • Thermal chamber for viscous solvent
  • Exhaust system for halogen-containing and halogen-free solvents


Storage capacity

  • Tank storage for halogen-free solvents: 1,100 m³
  • Tank storage for halogen-containing solvents: 1,400 m³
  • Storage of tank containers for 36 tank containers / 1,080 m³
  • Container storage for 1.200 m³