The chemical and pharmaceutlical industry

“At the end of the 1990s, the Richard Geiss GmbH started to expand into new distillation systems for „flammable“ solvents. Today, this area is the largest production area by volume in Richard Geiss GmbH and is an integral part of the company. What was originally offered to clients as a simple disposal service has now peaked in the toll distillation of solvent mixtures and the return of the high-end quality distillates.”

Alexander Just
Sales Director

Of course, specific customer requirements on purity and water content of a solvent are considered. Customer will receive a specifically tailored solvent to its process.

A tank container terminal and a conventional tank storage unit offer sufficient storage capacity. Use of the own transport fleet gives the flexibility with regard to the scheduling used and fresh products. This gives the clients the security that they can continue their production processes unhindered when there are supply bottlenecks.

System Technology

  • Rectification columns; in fully continuous shift model
  • Thin film Evaporator
  • Agitator bubble
  • Rotary kiln
  • Agitator tanks
  • Thermal chamber for viscous solvent
  • Exhaust system for halogen-containing and halogen-free solvents
  • Heating by heat transfer oil up to 300 °C

Projecting and trial batches

Projecting is the preparation of a distillation task requested by a client. Richard Geiss GmbH can use a variety of different distillation apparatus for this. The aim of this test distillation is to generate as realistic a proposal as possible on the feasibility, quality and cost of the order. Depending on the selection of distillation equipment, the client can also be provided with different distillate volumes (1 litre can up to 25,000 litres in a tanker) for use tests or sampling.


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