Surface cleaning

“Safety and responsibility! That is what we want to offer our customers. We want to ensure our customers the necessary safety when using solvents and responsibly support them!”

Nathalie Geiss-Zinner

Industrial surface cleaning with solvents has been tried and tested over many years, as it functions absolutely safely and reliably – even where the component geometry is complex.

Moreover, it is also economically very efficient. The product portfolio of the Richard Geiss GmbH is diverse and tailored to customer’s requirements. The family company offers, whether chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as perchloroethylene or trichloroethylene), hydrocarbons or modified alcohols, the suitable solvent for the application of their customers. The appropriate safety containers and connection systems ensure a safe transport of the solvents and an emission-free filling as well as emptying of the parts cleaning systems. The 3-step testkit for chlorinated hydrocarbons and the Quick test for modified alcohols enable the customer to do independently a solvent test on site. The corresponding stabilizers for bath maintenance complete the product range.

The subject of safety, particularly with regard to handling solvents, is particularly close to the Richard Geiss GmbH company’s heart. Solvent users are, therefore, given instruction and training on the subjects of health and safety at work, environmental protection, bath maintenance, stabilisation and care of the solvents.



The GEISS-System was developed by Richard Geiss GmbH specifically for the safe use of solvents in the field of industrial parts cleaning.

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