Textile cleaning

„Textile cleaning, and particularly their use of solvents, has been at the heart of Richard Geiss GmbH ever since its beginnings. It was precisely this area which was in favour of recycling used solvents. Since then, every year, thousands of tons of halogenated solvents and halogen-free solvents are taken back, recovered and made available to the textile cleaners in the highest quality.“

Peter Hess
Sales Manager

Textile cleaning using solvents has proven valuable for many decades as it works completely safely and reliably, and is very economically efficient. 

The product range at Richard Geiss GmbH is diverse and tailored towards customer requirements. Whether perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons or silicone solvents, the family business offers the perfect products for its customers. Suitable safety containers and connection systems ensure safe transportation of solvents and emission-free filling and emptying of dry-cleaning machines. Specially developed for textile cleaning, the GEISS PER TEST kit allows customers to independently check perchloroethylene solvents on site. The PROSTAB 8, providing the necessary stabilisation, completes the product range.

Safety, particularly with regards to solvents, is of utmost importance at Richard Geiss GmbH. Solvent users are instructed and trained in the areas of workplace and environmental safety, bath maintenance, stabilisation and care of solvents.

 Download brochure – Solvents for textile cleaning