Contract degreasing

“Due to decades of experience as specialist in the field of solvents and in advising customers concerning parts cleaning, we were able to gain sufficient expertise for the expansion of the contract degreasing sector. We now use this knowledge as a service provider for the parts cleaning in our own cleaning systems. “

Nathalie Geiss-Zinner

Since 2012, Richard Geiss GmbH – as a solvent specialist for decades – has expanded its range of products and services to include degreasing service. The well-founded and mature knowledge regarding to the solvents to be used and their maintenance are transferred to the parts degreasing sector and offered as a service.

At the end of 2015 the starting signal for the new hall-construction for the business sector to contract degreasing was given. The 800 m² hall was completed at the end of May 2016. A new cleaning system of the brand PERO R5 with a batch weight of up to 1000 kg went simultaneously into operation.

Two perchloroethylene solvent systems are available for heavily oiled or wetted metal parts, such as stamped, stamped bent, wire bent, deep-drawn or press flow-moulding parts. Different cleaning methods adapted to the parts can be applied. Chips, particles, oils and greases are cleaned thoroughly. The short batch times, the high batch weight and the permanent distillation of the solvent are cleaned in a process-safe and cost-effective manner.

Technical data

  • Batch weight up to 1.000 kg
  • Batch volume up to 60 t per day
  • Swivelling or rotating working chamber
  • Full bath, flood, surge flooding, steam degreasing, conservation
  • Vacuum dryer
  • Basket size lattice box